About Foods Loved Worldwide

Things You Need to Know About Foods Loved Worldwide

Do you know what food is the most popular in the world?

The top foods eaten most commonly in the world are pasta, rice and meat. If you like spaghetti and meatballs then you enjoy good company all over the world. In the United States alone the top three foods are pizza, chicken and steak. Among the most commonly eaten staple foods are corn, wheat and rice. Of the 50,000 edible staple foods in the world, just 15 provide maximum food energy in the world. Of these, wheat, corn and rice make up two-thirds.

Do you know how Meat is cooked in Different parts of the World?

Among all the foods meat makes the main part of the course around the world. In meats, you will find Chicken almost in any part of the world. You will be surprised to see how a chicken is prepared in hundred different ways around the world.

In India and other parts of the sub-continent, you will find chicken cooked with herbs and spices to form a chicken curry. In Spain and France, you will find chicken cooked with rich cheese and herbs, and served with noodles and bread. In the United States, you will find deep fried chicken in burgers and takeaways, while grilled Steaks will be served with cheese and various sauces. Similarly, there are endless ways how meat is cooked in different parts of the world.

Do you know, the fruit in America tastes different than what it tastes in India?

It is really surprising to know that every fruit has endless species depending on which country or region it is grown. An apple found in the United States will taste different than the one grown in India. Some regions produce the most delicious apples in the world such as Braeburn, produced in New Zealand.

Do you know what are some of the World’s Best Dishes?

Let’s look at them below.

1. Buttered Popcorn made in the USA, by frying sweet popcorns with butter.
2. Masala Dosa, India. A crispy pancake made with rice batter and mashed potatoes. Served with coconut chutney, tomato and lentils sauce and pickles.
3. Potato chips, United Kingdom.
4. Sea paella, Spain. Lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish, mussels served with herbs, spices and white rice.
5. Som tam, Thailand. Most famous salad in Thailand.
6. Chicken Rice, Singapore. The national food of Singapore.
7. Poutine, Canada. French Fries with cheese curd and brown gravy.
8. Tacos, Mexico. Handmade tortilla stuffed with beef and served with onions, salsa and other herbs.
9. Buttered Toast with Marmite, United Kingdom.
10. Stinky Tofu, South East Asia. Smells awful but tastes delicious.
11. Marzipan, Germany. Best sweet treat in Germany made with almonds and sugar.
12. Ketchup, United States.
13. French Toast made in Hong Kong.
14. Chicken Parm, Australia. Chicken fillet topped with sauces and parmesan cheese.
15. Hummus, Middle East. Chickpea spread made with lemon, garlic and chickpeas.
16. Chilli Crab, Singapore. A bestseller in Singapore. Served with chilli tomato gravy and mantou buns.
17. Maple Syrup, Canada. Made from the maple trees’ sap.
18. Fish ‘n’ Chips, made in the UK.

There are almost endless delicious foods enjoyed worldwide. If you visit a locale, don’t forget to taste their speciality. You will find your local specialities as good as found world over. It’s just about discovering them. You can even ask them for their recipe and try it at home.