Cooking Methods For Different Foods

Cooking Methods For Different Foods

Do you know the different cooking methods? There are different cooking methods used for cooking different foods. Indeed, the foods will be cooked based on people’s taste or will depend on the meal you want to prepare. For example, you can steam, bake or grill the foods.

There are many reasons for cooking food are:- To improve the flavor of food, to kill germs so that the food is safe to eat, to improve the appearance of food, to vary the taste of the food, etc.

There are many methods of cooking food as below:-

Cooking Food by Baking

Baking is the first method you can try. You can use an oven. The standard temperature for baking in the oven will range start from 300 up to 450 Fahrenheit. You can use baking method for the kind of foods such as pastries, cake and even anything prepared with a batter.

What about Roasting?

The next cooking food technique you can try is roasting. You can do it through the uncovered hot air. It is done on meats to make it more tender and juicy.

Grilling or Broiling

Broiling or grilling is another method that you can try through the application of direct heat. Under continuous flow of heat, the meal is being cooked and tenderized. In broiling, you have to leave it slightly uncovered to restrain the pan from becoming too hot and damaging the meal instead.


Among the other techniques, frying is probably the safest one to do, chiefly if your oil and flame are regulated the proper way. You can have a perfect-fried meal if you know when to dip the meat in the hot oil.


The last cooking food technique is steaming. The steam is used by cooks to make the perfectly-steamed meat. The regular foods which need steaming for their preparation are fish and vegetables. The purpose is to retain their color and taste.