Household Safety

utilitiesA connected home also entails more than simple cameras that monitor the perimeters of the home. A connected home can also turn on lights, televisions and work locks when the owner is not there. There are are some gadgets that can also aid the person in answering the doorbell when no one is at home. This deters individuals from breaking in because they assume there is someone at home.


The utilities that run into the home are the core lifeblood of the home. It is for this reason that they should be routinely checked to assure that they are safe. If electrical, natural gas, or even water systems malfunction in the home they can pose life-threatening danger to the inhabitants. Shorted out electrical wires frayed wires and even damaged outlets can pose a fire risk.

If natural gas lines are not in good order, they can be prone to eruption and fire hazards. Finally, water leaks can damage foundations, cause the growth of mold, and even be a reason why wiring shorts out. Be sure to have periodic checks of these systems to make sure that they are safe.


Shrubbery, walkways, and even damaged driveways are hazards to the residents of the home and visitors. Another key aspect to consider is if shrubbery is covering or blocking a full view of windows. This can be used as camouflage for burglars to enter the home undetected.


Overgrown shrubs and bushes can also cause harm to people. Make sure that they are trimmed clear of walkways and sidewalks. It is also important to make sure that shrubs and trees do not drag across the roof of the home. The branches can harm the roofing material and cause leaks and damage to the home. Always make sure all plants and shrubs are well manicured and trimmed.

Finally, a part of the landscape that is sometimes overlooked are walkways. If they are starting to wear with age they can cause a hazard that can cause harm. Be sure to replace broken and missing bricks or stones, or patch cement walkways when they show wear.